Still Rendering


So after competition I took the given critique and have started modifications to making the picture better than before by exaggerating the mouse pose, making the cheese more recognizable, and putting Ma closer to not have her distract from the Mouse.

Sadly there has been a problem that has come up preventing me from working as efficiently. Maya has decided I can only make one render per opening where she otherwise crashes if one tries to make a second. This has caused me to change my workflow to opening my project in Maya, render the previous save, and save any modifications from that before starting the process over and over and over again. Not sure on how to fix this problem, but I will look into it when back at the rendering station.


3D Still Update


So obviously the lighting is a bit orange and there is some white light behind Ma, but that should be adjusted soon. There are no reflections in the image in order to save time rendering (yet it still takes a good 5 minutes to render each frame- idk what is up with that). The blue lighting feels a bit too soft for the dramatic scene, but this is an update for how it is going so far.

Learning a lot about lighting- that’s for sure!

Still Render

Alongside rigging, I’ve started to make a scene for the rendered still picture competition for Skills, which I also plan to use as a poster image for Don’t Tread on Me.


I am currently working on the lighting for the room. The mouse is still missing and Ma’s pose is temporary till I get a rigged version of her in. The space in front of the jar looks empty, which is where I will be putting the mouse who will be reaching for the breadcrumbs behind Ma’s back, like my sketch with his pushed pose.


Might or might not put stuff in the background eventually, but I am mostly focusing on getting the lighting feel right now.

Also, I must thank Derek Jenson for the free IES Light profiles he has on his blog:; they make a big difference.

Game Plan – December

For the past couple of months I have been working on asset creation for Don’t Tread On Me (still a working title). For November I had been modeling Ma, finally finishing yesterday. Yes, there were a lot of minute tweaking between the two posts of blocking out and then finalizing Ma, but I had to make sure she was animator friendly, properly proportioned, not falling into the uncanny valley, and overall just looking nice.

The two basic assets created so far is Mouse and Ma, able to be seen in the links. They are currently just models, but before the winter break I plan on having their UVs ready for my teammate Connor to texture.

Other things that need to get done are starting to form some basic furniture models for the game, such as a dining table and chairs. Another important piece would be the radio. All of this is something I need to make on Houdini to use its node editor for quick changes if needed. Again, things I plan on finishing for version one of the game.

Wish me luck.