Learning Blueprints

3/7-3/31 (1h a day & a week break)

Going through the blueprint tutorial, I wanted to take some notes to help me learn and possibly share with others trying to learn the visual scripting in the Unreal 4 Engine.

Line Color Coordination:

  • Red = boolean
  • Blue = object connection
  • White = executable

Box  Color Coordination:

  • Red = event
  • Bright Blue = object
  • Dull Blue = function

The order of events is determined by the event leading into functions, which can be continued to other functions to be in a sequenced order- this is sequential firing. Two events can be plugged into a function as well, but requires only one to happen at a time; for example, a person entering a trigger box turns on a light while leaving it will turn that same light off.

Level Editor Blueprints stay contained within that level. Class blueprints can be used over multiple levels and work the same.

In the Class Editor you can change the root by dragging the item in the component browser over the white root.

Copy and paste works with nodes!

Get Reference to reference them (a variable to plug into a function). Set Reference can change the referenced object.

When the target is “self,” it means the blueprint that is being worked on.

Group nodes with comments by selecting the nodes and pressing the “C” button. Left clicking on the comment and drag can move everything within it around. The text and color is editable as well. Personalize it 😉

The event graph edits every blueprint in-game. The construction script is to update the most recent changes to the blueprint.

In the color picker, you can left click and drag the color onto the color bar to save it!

Make object variables by clicking the edible button so you can edit inside the level editor.

An alternate way to make a class blueprint is by creating an empty actor and adding components through the level editor. Then hit the blueprint button and you got a new blueprint!

Another way to make a class blueprint is to select objects in the scene, click the blueprint drop down menu at the top and select “Convert Selected components to Blueprint Class…” But level blueprint still not follow.



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