Get Some Goals

New year, new goals – or at least listing them.

Animation related, I am promising myself to try drawing random things once a day- not just people poses. Perspective is important to practice too, especially with dynamic camera shots; this practice includes watching and reading tutorials, and testing them out. Next flaw I wanna fix is documentation. I don’t document enough, something obvious from my lack of blog posts and how little the game design document is filled out. I am going to try to start out weekly before moving onto something more frequent (depends on how much progress gets done within the week). Lastly, with an upcoming due date on the video game, I need to start working at home- twice a week would be good.

Life wise- I intend to get into the Vizualization department at A&M and getting an undergraduate there by 2021. With that, I think it would be important to learn to study… something I’ve failed to learn so far, but it will help me pass more rigorous courses in college. Then lastly, time management is a big deal. Any free time should be put to something educational – such as when playing a video game, take in the details of mechanics and ambiance to see what works and what does not- or better to write them down (document!).

So here’s to 2017 and gitting gud!


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