Game Plan – December

For the past couple of months I have been working on asset creation for Don’t Tread On Me (still a working title). For November I had been modeling Ma, finally finishing yesterday. Yes, there were a lot of minute tweaking between the two posts of blocking out and then finalizing Ma, but I had to make sure she was animator friendly, properly proportioned, not falling into the uncanny valley, and overall just looking nice.

The two basic assets created so far is Mouse and Ma, able to be seen in the links. They are currently just models, but before the winter break I plan on having their UVs ready for my teammate Connor to texture.

Other things that need to get done are starting to form some basic furniture models for the game, such as a dining table and chairs. Another important piece would be the radio. All of this is something I need to make on Houdini to use its node editor for quick changes if needed. Again, things I plan on finishing for version one of the game.

Wish me luck.


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